We are a tight-knit team made up of the best and brightest people in the Salesforce ecosystem. Our 170+ certified consultants are top notch in terms of executing Salesforce projects of any given scale. To drive end to end digital transformation projects for our clients, we have also built competencies around digital and mobile technologies that complement our Salesforce practice. At ABSYZ we keep customers at the center of everything, right from pre-strategy to post go-live support.
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  • Access to all ConnectEazy Modules
  • Comes with Pre-Loaded Data
  • Initial Setup Support Included
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  • Access to all ConnectEazy Modules
  • Initial Setup Support Included
  • Get Real-time Analytics & Dashbaords
  • Pre-Configured Security Setup
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  • Access to all ConnectEazy Modules
  • Initial Setup Support Included
  • Get Real-time Analytics & Dashboards
  • Pre-Configured Security Setup
  • Setup Custom Roles for your Company
  • Build Customised Workflows
  • Set up additional Processes
  • Generate Insights specific to your needs
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Frequently Asked Questions - Answered

How secure is my data when housed in ConnectEazy?

ConnectEazy is built on the Salesforce cloud platform, the world's No. 1 CRM Platform, which ensures that it has some most advanced Internet security measures available today. Even we can't access your data without permission ! Visit trust.salesforce.com to know more.

Can I generate my own analytics in ConnectEazy?
Of course ! We've strived to give you as much you'd ever need out of the box, but the Report builder in ConnectEazy can be used to build many more. Did we mention that the reports are real-time !!
What is the pricing structure ? Is each module within ConnectEazy priced differently ?

You get everything for a subscription price of $99 USD per User per Year, but our team would love to talk to you about bulk/enterprise as per your needs.

How soon can ConnectEazy be set up for my Company's needs ?

Around a week's time for most small/medium sized companies. For larger organizations with legacy data, it can take a week more.

Will I be charged separately for helping me set up ConnectEazy ?
We won't charge anything for an Out of the Box setup. There may be some charge for your custom needs. Please reach out to our team to know more !
Which major HRMS features do I get with ConnectEazy ?

ConnectEazy helps you automate major processes in an organization from Recruitment & Employee management to Project and Timesheet management. Head over to the features section to know more ! We are constantly working to add more features with every release.

Is ConnectEazy available on mobile ?
Yes, ConnectEazy currently covers the most critical processes of Timesheet & Leave Management along with Remote Attendance & Announcements. ConnectEazy is available on iOS (Android on the way !)
Can ConnectEazy integrate with other platforms/systems at my company ?
Absolutely ! ConnectEazy is based on the Salesforce cloud platform, which means any kind of an integration is a breeze, be it cloud or on-premise. Our team will be happy to talk to you about it.
I already have ConnectEazy and need some support. Who can help ?
Please drop us an email at connect-support@absyz.com from your work mailbox.
Can ConnectEazy be customised to my requirements ?
Yes. Every company has unique needs and we understand that. ConnectEazy has configuration options for different needs. The underlying Salesforce platform has even more options for customizations. Reach out to us to know more.
Is there a Trial Version ?

We offer a trial version of ConnectEazy for a week. Sign up for a trial here. Reach out to us if you need help !